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  • Reiki Massage


    In case of normal massage, the massage therapist massages or kneads the tissues and muscles of the client. But this not the case in Reiki massage. In Reiki massage, the Reiki massage therapist remains still with his hands positioned on the body of the patient and allows the healing energies to flow from him to the patient.

    It is very comfortable and healing. The various positions of Reiki massage include the face, head, on your crown, forehead, collarbone, chin, jaw line, around your heart to your rib case. It is then carried out to your tummy, shoulders and to the pelvic area. These positions cover the charkas or the energy centers of the body to which the massage therapist discharges the energies. Reiki massage is carried out on both the front and the back part of the body, as the charkas are present on the front and the backside of the body. Another important point in Reiki massage is that it is not necessary that there is skin contact between the therapist and the patient. You can remain completely clothed during the massage. A therapist can send the healing energies without having skin contact. It is so effective that it can send energies to the broken bones and injuries that are covered by thick bandages.

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    It is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects. It can be done even if you are taking other medications. It is considered to be extremely useful for the people who are suffering from muscle pains, stress, tension, injuries etc. Reiki massage is said to heal more than fifty ailments.

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