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  • Reflexology


    Reflexology is a massage method or science that stimulates reflexes of the hand, ear or foot that corresponds to every organ, gland and parts of the body. Stimulation of such reflexes enables the normalization and relaxation of all the body’s functions to promote the natural balance. In the olden times, when one walks on hard ground and rocks, it naturally stimulates the reflexes intended for areas of the human body.

    What reflexology does

    Technically, like other massages, it can promote a certain kind of relaxation and relieve tension. According to medical researchers, there are about 75% of the entire health problems that are all linked to stress and tension. With the present lifestyle, almost everything in our lives contributes a great deal of stress and does nothing to release the muscle burdens.

    How it works

    There are different theories that revolve around the wonders of reflexology although the most common belief is that it acts as a relaxant to reflexes that are connected to numerous body parts, improves the lymphatic circulation and drainage and stimulating connections of nerves. This is primarily a kind of relaxation technique that is said to contribute benefits in patients having both acute and chronic diseases though this is not a substitute for medical intervention, it can be considered as a kind of complementary resort next to medical treatments.

    Reflexology Benefits

    Primarily, the benefits of reflexology includes easing tension and stress which then improves the circulation of blood going to the different parts of the body. It increases drainage of lymph, assists in toxin elimination, and strengthens the immune system to help increase the body tolerance to different ailments. With all these benefits, reflexology can return the body’s natural healing process and promote total wellness.

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