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  • Eastern Massage

    Massage therapy techniques used in the Western world are based on techniques used for centuries in the orient. From the Orient we also get out knowledge base about oriental massage oils. The techniques are based on such massage treatments as Shiatsu, acupuncture and energy healing. The main focus is to release the obstructions in the energy pathways throughout the body that can make a person fell ill.

    The use of essential oils has a therapeutic effect on the body, which generally lasts for a few days after the treatment. During the massage the therapist can use these oils to massage the patient’s body or he/she can drop them onto the body in a manner similar to raindrops. The oils provide deep relaxation and healing. Each oil has a specific healing effect. There is a comprehensive list of essential oils and their uses, which includes:

    * Lavender

    * Eucalyptus

    * Clove

    * Lemongrass

    * Sweet Basil

    * Ylang Ylang

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