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  • Sexual Health Powerful Anti Viral Solution

    Have you found yourself at wit’s end and have tried just about everything you can get your hands on to treat your exasperatingly painful oral or genital breakouts?

    Finally, there’s a Clinically Tested Formula that actually works amazingly well.

    A topically applied skin solution that controls outbreaks and in some cases users report they have no more episodes after use.

    A powerful Anti-viral solution that gives users Rapid Relief in One Application.

    Each vial contains 100 single applications making it abundant value.

    It also comes with a 6 month “no hassle” money back guaranteed to insure you results.

    • Both long and short term sufferers report dramatic relief allowing them to enjoy life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of breakouts.
    • Applying the solution to the infected area will sting, begin to dry out and then heal rapidly.
    • If outbreaks re-occcur, they are less often, less intense and smaller.

    Read real stories of how it has changed people’s lives

  • Here’s what the solution contains and how each ingredient works synergistically.

    10 Reasons why you should use this today:

    1. Have dramatically less outbreaks that rarely re-occur

    2. It attacks and kills the virus with each application

    3. Instantly begins healing an outbreak as soon as it occurs

    4. Demonstrated a 98% success rate in Clinical Trials

    5. No adverse side effects

    6. no doctor appointments or drug store visits – saveing hasle, expense and embarrassment

    7. allows you to dramatically cut back your treatment costs

    8. spend less time treating yourself

    9. people won’t notice when you are using it – odorless

    10. try risk free – 6 month money back guarantee

    Learn more about the Herpes Assassin

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