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    Shiatsu Massage Therapy

    A Shiatsu massage is a therapy treatment that can relieve stress, reduce backpain, headaches, joint pain, and neck stiffness. It is also useful in treating specific sports and whiplash injuries.

    Shiatsu roots from Japan and means “finger pressure” in Japanese. In essence a Shiatsu technique utilizes the fingers and palms to apply ample pressure to different parts of an individual’s body. Using uncomplicated movements, a shiatsu massage is said to have a profound effect on the body’s energy, much like a Thai massage, hower Shiatsu is much simpler in nature.

    A shiatsu massage generally releases pressure throughout the body, even if the session is meant for back pain or headache relief. Much like Thai roots, an afflicted body is believed to be out of balance and harmony and the energy flow is disrupted, therefore a Shiatsu massage aims to restore this balance throughout the body using simple pressure techniques.

    During a Shiatsu massage session, the practitioner uses palms, fingers and thumbs to detect and correct problems on the surface of the body. This practice is referred to as ‘diagnosis and therapy combined’ 
    The prevention and recovery of illnesses is promoted by stimulating the immune system.

    As the whole body is treated, the natural ability to heal is stimulated as shiatsu massage works to restore the physical functions of the nervous system, the circulatory system, muscles and bone structure.

    Shiatsu therapy has a plethora of benefits that include increased flexibility, improved blood circulation, stress reduction, muslce and tissue relaxation, removal of harmful toxins, and reduction in blood pressure.

    Be sure to consult with your doctor before scheduling a Shiatsu massage.

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